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Our best seller - Get 3 Sets of xray markers for AS LOW AS $21.95. 2 Sets for $15.95 and 1 set for $8.95. Personalized initials, over 100+ designs to choose from and fast service. We normally ship within 2-3 days

XRAY MARKERS $8.95 - $32.95

BB Xray Markers / Positional Beads $22.95

BB Xray Markers / Positional Beads Xray Markers - Xray Marker Set with over 100+ designs

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Specialty Markers

No more boring designs. Come take a look at our specialty markers. Over 200+ Designs!! Lead letters are embedded inside the casing, you will get the full effect of the image on the marker. Gorgeous, Beautiful & creative designs.

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Customized Markers (Photos or Sports teams)

We can make customized Markers. Simply upload your own pictures or designs and we can make your very own personalized markers

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Long Style Xray Markers

Long Xray Marker adds new style and design to the collection. Able to make Annotations for certain position and for video studies as well. Check them out!!


Marker Adhesives

Marker adhesive Strips are made from strongest adhesive in the world. Maximum Strength and Re-Usable Marker Adhesives that will stick X-Ray markers to everything!

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Marker Technique Card/ Marker Holder

Just Need a Simply Card to park your markers? Look no futher. Great quality and for a great price. Add one to your order now.

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Xray Marker Supplies - DIY

Want to make your own xray markers? Look no further. Get your xray marker supplies here. Make your own design today!

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"I just bought the 3 set for 19.99 on Monday, the package arrived on Thursday of the same week. The project is just what I need. So glad I found this shop, will be getting more in the future."


"I've browsed through Avengers markers for ages, but I could never make a decision. Until these! The picture on them are great. I know my patients will love them, too! These are great markers, and they shipped very quickly. Definitely recommend!"


"I LOVE my new markers. The quality is there and the Pokemon really pop in the markers. The lead letters look legit in the imaging as well. I like to use puddy for my markers and it works perfectly. Thank you so much."